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Understanding the earth in its totality, transcending the boundaries of disciplines and gaining knowledge on the interactive and competing processes that shape the earth, from its evolution to the present status of ever increasing demand for natural resources, call for an all encompassing and multidisciplinary approach. Establishment of CESS in 1978 by Prof. C. Karunakaran was a recognition and realisation of this need to study earth's process in its total perspective.

Geomorphology and Physical Oceanography of the Lakshadweep Coral Islands in the Indian Ocean

The Lakshadweep islands are a group of 36 coral islands in the Indian Ocean. These small islands are unique for their aquatic bio-diversity and vast blue lagoons. This book presents the results of studies done by the authors during the period 1990 to 2009 that address the beach morphology, hydrodynamics, energy resources and management options with special reference to the issue of both natural and anthropogenic coastal erosion. The relatively low island elevation makes the islands more susceptible to high-wave attack and coastal flooding during adverse weather conditions. The islands are also prone to risks from episodic events like cyclones and deep depressions. This highlights the need for a comprehensive study of the wave, climate and coastal processes at work during different seasons to delineate the factors responsible for shoreline changes and also to identify the locations that need protection and the management options.More...

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Vision : To excel in solid earth research and its applications'

Mission : Foster multidisciplinary research in emerging areas of solid earth science, provide services by utilizing this knowledge for earth science applications and generate leadership capabilities in the selected areas.

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NCESS is a premier institute in India that has strong linkages to researches and studies related to the Earth System. The major two areas are Earth System Dynamics and Earth Science Applications.

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National Centre for Earth Science Studies is having many facilities for conducting scientific studies and analysis, the research laboratories are well equipped to provide accurate results about various study areas entrusted to NCESS from time to time.