Excellence in Earth Sciences

Instituted by the Goverment of Kerala

Understanding the earth in its totality, transcending the boundaries of disciplines and gaining knowledge on the interactive and competing processes that shape the earth, from its evolution to the present status of ever increasing demand for natural resources, call for an all encompassing and multidisciplinary approach. Establishment of CESS in 1978 by Prof. C. Karunakaran was a recognition and realisation of this need to study earth's process in its total perspective.

CESS: Now an Institute of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India.

Dr.Shailesh Nayak, Secretary, MoES, Government of India exchanging MoU document with Prof.V.N.Rajasekharan Pillai, Principal Secretary, Science & Technology, Government of Kerala and Executive Vice-President, KSCSTE, in the presence of Hon.Chief Minister of Kerala Sri.Oomen Chandy. Sri.E.K.Bharat Bhushan, Chief Secretary to Government of Kerala and Dr.N.P.Kurian, Director, CESS are also seen.

The Central Cabinet, through a cabinet decision on 19th December 2013 approved the taking over of the Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS) by the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Government of India. The main objective of the take-over of the CESS by MoES is to provide the nation with best possible services in the realm of earth system sciences through well integrated research programs in understanding the complex interactions among key elements of the Earth System, namely ocean, atmosphere and solid earth and help conduct and promote basic and applied advanced research in the frontier areas of Earth Sciences with particular emphasis on solid earth. A tripartite Memorandum of Understanding was signed on January 1, 2014 by the Secretary, MoES, Dr.Shailesh Nayak, Government of India; Principal Secretary, Science & Technology, Government of Kerala and Executive Vice-President, KSCSTE, Prof.V.N.Rajasekharan Pillai in the presence of Hon.Chief Minister Sri.Oomen Chandy and the Chief Secretary to the Government of Kerala, Sri.E.K.Bharat Bhushan to facilitate the transfer of CESS to MoES. More...

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Vision Statement

Vision Statement A Vision for Our Earth

To unravel the mysteries surrounding the earth and its processes for the sustainable development of natural resources, conservation of environment and management of natural hazards

Areas of Research

CESS is a premier institute in India that has strong linkages to researches and studies related to the Earth System. The major two areas are Earth System Dynamics and Earth Science Applications.

Facilities at CESS

  • Facilities at CESS
  • Facilities at CESS
  • Facilities at CESS
  • Facilities at CESS
  • Facilities at CESS

Centre for Earth Science Studies is having many facilities for conducting scientific studies and analysis, the research laboratories are well equipped to provide accurate results about various study areas entrusted to CESS from time to time.